Fitness and nutrition customized around your personal goals and schedule.

A Little About Me

I help women from various works of life with the best personalized coaching on weight loss, fitness, nurition and pre-post natal fitness. My results are not only based on my certifications, but on the fact that I’ve been in the same spot, I faced the same stigma, I understand the burden of overweight and I know what it takes to overcome all of that.

My fitness programs are customized for each woman to achieve her personal fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. The workouts combined with right nutrition plans will effectively build your strength, maintain an attractive body , eat better without feeling deprived and get active, no matter your age or body type



Say welcome to a healthy lifestyle that brings out the best in you by staying fit and fabulous! My fitness routines are designed to kickstart the natural detox process of your body, which flushes out toxins from your body as we work up some sweats. Staying fit with me will greatly improve your confidence and enable fast weight loss.


My nutrition consulting and planning measures are proven to significantly reduce your appetite, increase your metabolism and cause faster weight loss without causing you to starve. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or just eat better, my proven nutrition plans will help you achieve your goals. 

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Pregnant women who follow my fitness routines experience several benefits, including: Improved blood circulation for both mother and baby. Reduction in leg cramps, swelling, blood pooling, and fat retention. Reduction of lower back pain. The  offset & reduction of weight gain which occurs during and after pregnancy.



You take a personal assessment with me to understand your fitness goals and unlock a customized workout and dieting plan, tailored to your schedule and goals


Kickstart your workouts ASAP and Get connected to a specialist weight loss Chef for your daily delivery of nutrient packed recipes and diets.


Consistency is the key. Regular updates about workout details, monitoring progress and adjusting your routine and diets based on outcomes


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